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Bb/Bb Soprano Double Descant

The baroque horn is mainly played in its highest range in concerti composed between 1740 and 1800; for here the harmonics lie very close together.Hereafter, the horn was continually given a wider bore throughout the Classical and Romantic periods. Therefore the Clarino-register" became unplayable and the horn concerti by Leopold Mozart, Fiala, Neruda, and Sprenger etc. had to be arranged for the trumpet. The double descant-horn Bb-bb soprano enables the above mentioned or other late baroque/ early Classical works for the high horn to be performed again. At the same time it serves as a high quality Bb horn. For this horn we use a different design than with the Bb/high F descant double. The tubing of the Bb soprano is too short for using the same branch and bell part with the Bb side . The solution is the double valve, which is integrated into the bell section, it switches between the two leadpipes and the two separated branches. With this interesting design both horn sides are almost completly separated and only shares the part of the bell section after the change valve.

Weight 2300 g
Bore 12 mm
Bell diameter 310 mm
Yellow-Brass 7.190 €*
Gold-Brass 7.390 €*
Nickel-Silver 7.590 €*
Listed prices include lacquer, a lead pipe of your choice, four years warranty on valves and mechanical Miniball linkages. More options you may find on our PRICELISTS.