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Bb high F Descant Double

Helmut Finke patented on 3.7.1975 the basic idea of two separate mouthpipes- one for each horn section. It was first used on a Bb-F alto descant-horn, then transferred to the triple horn and now onto this new design.The major advantage of this design are: a) independable tuning of the two horn sides, b) better matching sound, a regular long lead pipe for the Bb side of the instrument. Recommended taper size of bell-flare on this instrument is the Brendan taper, also available as "Europa" and "Americus". The horn can optionally be fitted with an descant Eb-crook and a low F extension for the A-valve, which allows to play the F harmonics.

Weight 2300 g
Bore 12 mm
Bell diameter 310 mm
Yellow-Brass 6.790 €*
Gold-Brass 6.990 €*
Neickel-Silver 7.290 €*
Listed prices include lacquer, a lead pipe of your choice, four years warranty on valves and mechanical Miniball linkages. More options you may find on our PRICELISTS.