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F/Bb Double Horn Legacy

Kruspe was already producing the first doublehorn in 1897 in a compensating form which was shortly followed by a full double horn. Up until today nothing has changed on the basic form. Different models only show a different valve arrangement. Meister Fritz Knopf's arrangement of valves is still well-liked today. Here all the valves are in a row with the change valve after the third valve. FINKE double horns are „Knopf"-models. In the 20's Karl Geyer from Chicago also took over this valve arrangement. His version allows long tuning-slides, a long mouthpipe and wide bends. We make the Knopf-Geyer-model in many different variations. The professional models are the Americus and the Brendan, both with the same wrap but different taper, their characteristiques are described below. The instrument shown is in gold brass with detachable bell and options like garland, flipper and adjustable finger hook.

TAPER OPTIONS BRENDAN – our Geyer-model, named after the Irish Saint who discovered the „New World" in the 11th century, captures the richest integrity of tone in the fortissimo range without the harshness found in most Geyer copies. It is possible that players used to a far larger throat will find the Brendan the perfect balance of response and power. The Brendan taper can be well combined with different bell flares. AMERICUS – this popular instrument is perhaps our most unusual! How can an instrument with only a large throat provide the broadness of tone of the large Kruspe style instruments, yet be so easy to play? With success the Americus has invaded the very bastion of the large, nickel hornplaying school, providing the player with all the power and aggression demanded but with far superior accuracy. More about this on the OPTIONS page.

Weight 2400 g
Bore 12 mm
Bell flare diameter 310 mm
Yellow-Brass 7.050 €
Gold-Brass 7.250 €
Nickel-Silver 7.550 €
Listed prices include lacquer, a lead pipe of your choice, four years warranty on valves and mechanical Miniball linkages. More options you may find on our PRICELISTS.