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High G/F single horn

This instrument is especially designed for the high horn parts of the baroque music. With its smaller taper, the brighter sound better fits the needs to play with smaller baroque ensembles. As an option, the instrument can be fitted with a high-F lead pipe or/and with a high Eb pipe with a set of longer tuning crooks.


Weight 1150 g
Bore 11 mm
Bell flare diameter 260 mm
Yellow-Brass 2.990 €
Gold-Brass 3.090 €
Nickel Silver 3.290 €
High-F Lead Pipe 290 €
High-Es Lead Pipe incl. 3 tuning crooks 500 €
Listed prices include lacquer, a lead pipe of your choice, four years warranty on valves and mechanical Miniball linkages. More options you may find on our PRICELISTS.