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High Trumpets

Finke builds the high Bb, high g and high D trumpets with 4 rotary valves in same proven lightweight construction technology as with the french horns. The high Bb trumpet can be tuned in A with the long slide (Kluppenzug). The fourth valve is a combined Quint/quart valve (the center section can be taken out, then it becomes a quart valve). With the quint one can play down to the C of the D-trumpet. The valves of these instruments are manufactured made of high-grade steel and the mechanics are provided with Minibal steering.

High-Bb or High-G, Yellow-Brass 2.590 €
High-Bb or High-G, Gold-Brass 2.690 €
High-D, Yellow-Brass 2.590 €
High-D, Gold-Brass 2.690 €
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