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Natural Horn

This is a copy of an original 18th century Bohemian horn and is made of especially thin brass. The bell is attached with a brass garland, the braces are made out of small tubes like the original instrument. It can be supplied with a complete set of crooks from high C to C basso. A master crook and a very long tuning-slide allow extra tuning possibilities. Further crooks for a very low pitch can also be ordered.

weight 870 g
Bore 11 mm
bell diameter 285 mm
Historic Natural Horn in C
set of crooks not included
2.450 €
B-crook 220 €
A-crook 240 €
G-crook 270 €
F-crook 340 €
E-crook 380 €
Eb-crook 410 €
D-crook 450 €
C-crook 470 €
Coupler for Bb basso 190 €
By request, the instrument can be made without a garland.