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Osmun Horn Mouthpieces


Osmun horn mouthpieces are the result of many years of playing and working with horn players. A variety of cup and rim contours and widths enable every player to tailor a mouthpiece to his or her playing style, instrument, and environment. Our "Sound Family" concepts helps you know what to expect from a mouthpiece and clear diagrams show you how cups and rims compare.

All mouthpieces are offered as screw rim models with silver plated cups and gold plated rims. Silver plated, delrin, and Lucite (polycarbonate) rims are also available. A limited number of our most popular models are available as one-piece mouthpieces in silver plate.



Standard cups have Giardinelli-compatible 750-36 threads and measure .650" at the joint. They fit our standard rims and rims from most American makers.

All depths are measured to a number 12 throat.

Measurements include the rim height.

All cups are shown with Chicago rims.

The number stamped on the cup is the bore size.

Wire Drill
Inch Metric
18 .1695 4.3mm
16 .177 4.5mm
14 .182 4.6mm
12 .189 4.8mm
10 .1935 4.9mm
8 .1989 5.1mm
4 .209 5.3mm


The Osmun standard rims measure .650" where they meet the cup and have Giardinelli standard .750"-36 threads. They fit our standard cups as well as those from most US makers. In addition to the standard diameter we offer them in a "Plus" size. Plus rims have the same .650" dimension at the joint but are .012" wider at the crown.

Osmun standard finish is gold over silver plate. Gold is hypo-allergenic, non-tarnishing, and feels soft and slippery on the embouchure. Delrin and Lucite rims are temperature neutral and work well for players who use a dry embouchure. Our plated finishes are very durable and, with normal care, can be expected to last for several years of heavy use.

We can supply any of our rim contours in any diameter. Non-standard silver and gold plated rims take three-to-five weeks. Delrin and Lucite rims take a week or less